Hot Drinks


Kahlua Carmel Mocha

11R Espresso Mocha, Kahlua, Carmel Vodka. $7


Irish Latte

11R Espresso Latte, Whiskey, Irish Cream Foam. $7


The Nut House

11R Espresso, Irish Cream, Kahlua, Hazelnut Foam. $7.5


Local Toddy

Bend’s Own C.W. Irwin Bourbon, Lemon, Honey, Hot Water. $7


My Chai Steamer

Locally Made My Chai, Vodka, Irish Cream. $7


Spiced Cider

Oregon Grown Organic Apple Cider, Tuaca. $7


Drinks With Bubbles!


Classic Mimosa

Orange or Peach. $4.5 Manmosa. $7


Marionberry Champagne Cocktail

Locally Produced Black Mariah Marionberry Cordial, Champagne. $8


Ginger Peach Bubbly Cocktail

Locally Produced Ginger Vodka, Peach Juice, Champagne. $7


Peaches & Cream Spritzer

Vodka, Peach Juice, Cream, Champagne. $7


Cold Drinks

Whiskey Ginger

Black Velvet, Bend’s Own Crazy Dave’s Ginger Ale. $7


Quick Screw

Vodka, Fresh Squeezed Organic Orange Juice. Well. $5 Local. $7


Iced Chai Chai

Vodka, Irish Cream, Locally Made My Chai, Cream. $7


White Russian

Vodka, Kahlua, Cream. Well. $5 Local. $7


Black Russian

Vodka, Kahlua, 11R Coffee. Well $5 Local $7


Rockin’ Dave’s Boozy Soda

Seasonal House Made All Natural Soda, Vodka or Whiskey. $7


Mountain Special

16oz. PBR, Shot of Black Velvet. $5


Bloody Beer

16oz. PBR, Side of Bloody Mary Mix. $4


Bloody Marys

Chipotle Bacon Bloody

Bacon Infused Vodka, Chipotle Bloody Mary Mix, House Pickled Veggies and a Bacon Nibble. $7


House Bloody

Vodka, Bloody Mix, Hosue Pickled Veggies. Well $5. Local $7.


We Sell Beer To Go!